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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mp3 of the Week: “So Many Stars” by Watercolor Paintings

Over the past year Watercolor Paintings output is admittedly less prolific than her early days, but every month or so when she releases a new song I have to listen. “So Many Stars” is the newest one and I think may be one of my favorite songs of hers in recent memory. Mostly acapella, it reminds me of when I first met Rebecca. We were freshman and she would record songs onto cassette using headphones as the mic. She is inventive and has a keen ear for wondrous melodies and “So Many Stars” is a culmination of the things I like a lot about Watercolor Paintings. It bounces along the edge of sweet and melancholy à la the early version of “Happyships” or “Get Out of the Way or a Whale Will Swallow You.” The difference here is that there is an incredible sense of ambiguity and wonder that’ll have you scratching your head at first, but humming along in no time.

Watercolor Paintings-"So Many Stars"

Watercolor Paintings on myspace


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure i like her a capella songs as much. if she ever does an album they will make great transition songs but they don't seem to stand alone as well as her other pieces, which are so fantastic.

Steven Ray Morris said...

She is always amazing, but the acapella version is ten times more amazing than the guitar version.