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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Existential Hero: A Winter's Tale Told In Spring (2007)

Hey everyone out there in blog land, I feel terrible for neglecting this place like I’ve been lately but I have a good excuse. As some of you may know I am also a musician and operate under the name Existential Hero and I recently just finished my third album A Winter's Tale Told In Spring. I obsessed over it for months working on a solid collection of songs that function cohesively as a whole album. I think everyone will be surprised, there is much more focus, nuance and diversity this time around, but you can be sure it still doesn’t lack the sincerity and simplicity that some of you have come to love from my music. I’m only charging four bucks just to cover shipping a bit, believe me I’m not in this to make money, I really want everyone to hear what I have to say (In song form).

The cover was done by Evan Koehne:

Here is the tracklist:

And two tracks to tide you over!

Existential Hero-"A Winter's Tale Told In Spring"
Existential Hero-"Timothy Treadwell"

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Anonymous said...


I was interested in what sense you wrote the song "Timothy Treadwell"? Is it a sarcastic song or a song with some actual empathy and compassion? Curious. Any chance of reading your lyrics if there are any?

Steven Ray Morris said...

No it is not sarcastic at all. I saw Grizzly Man about a month ago and was incredibly moved by Timothy and his life and I really respect and look up to him. drop me a line and I'll send you the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

That was kind of strange but I liked it. He was a good guy. You know he wasn't going to go out that year and then Disney handed him a bunch of money...so off he went. Wish he would have stayed put and did more teaching like he was supposed to.