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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunny Intervals: Call And Response (2007)

At probably the longest release on Wee Pop! Records so far, Andy’s (of The Pocketbooks) lo-fi pop side project Sunny Intervals' Call And Response is a sprawling yet intimate epic that keeps it’s promise of whisking you away on adventures all over United Kingdom. The first song, “Let The City Run Away With Us” is pure pop bliss with Andy speedily spitting out words while maintaining melody and an acute sense of humor as “We’ll live through the drive-bys, the knives and the crack dens.” But don’t worry, Andy reminds us that “I’m like Jay-Z with several problems but the city just ain’t one.” I have never heard a more powerful set of lo-fi electronic drumming then on “Sunset On Parliament Hill,” my favorite track on the album. The guitar also comes out rushing fast and ferociously, racing against the falling sun along the horizon. However things slow down to a trickling piano and a warbling guitar to remind us that “Nothing seemed so special as the Sunset on Parliament Hill,” that “Nothing seemed so precious as the glitter in your platted pigtails.” Orchestral synths wash beautifully over us in “Sixty Seconds To Fall In Love.” There is desperation in his voice, the kind one would get when flushed in a face-to-face rush with that girl. We make due in these kinds of situations by quick recalling anything culturally relevant and then forget it, losing ourselves to the groove of the song and the moment when “We’ll multiply and the heat wave turns into a meltdown.” Sunny Intervals' Call And Response manages to fit the sublime into a set of songs that will carry you away to the UK or anywhere.

Sunny Intervals-"Sunset On Parliament Hill"

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