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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CLLCT Is Better, Faster, Stronger!

Around December 2007 a mysterious boy/creature Secret Owl (of Secret Owl Society) birthed the 001Collective from his gut and heart. The idea was simple: create a site where artists give their music away for free. Why? Well, these artist love their music and love sharing it more, it wasn’t (isn’t) about money.

This site quickly grew and its small but strong form wasn’t enough so then it evolved into its current form CLLCT. Although it has shed its skin many times since January, CLLCT is better, faster, and stronger.

The site not only has more music, but there is so much more you can do with the music (as an artist or fan). There are artist pages, album pages, forums, blogs, etc. etc. All of the progress towards this site has been towards this central idea that will make this free music relevant and that idea is community.

A community is what CLLCT has become. Whether it’s getting advice for what kind of ukulele to buy, getting tips on a song, shooting the shit about music or politics, booking shows and other things, CLLCT is a place where an artist can feel welcome to say (and sing) about whatever their heart desires.

I was initially skeptical about 001Collective when it first started. Being raised in music capitalism that is the mainstream I had the difficult time of accepting that it is okay to give away your music for free. In many ways I myself have gained many more listeners because of this site (and in turn friends). And it is this community that truly won me over (plus all the Tinyfolk, Real Live Tigers, James Eric and Shelby Sifers one could handle).

If you haven’t been there yet and you are a music fan, especially of Lo-Fi or music that comes from the heart and gut then you owe it to yourself to check it out. And if you are an artist or musician and you don’t have your stuff up there yet I have two words for you: DO IT! Seriously you won’t regret sharing your music, people will listen.

On a promotion-atory note:
Up for order right now is The Roaring Nineties, a compilation of your favorite CLLCT artists covering your favorite songs from the 90s. Artists like Tinyfolk, Dustin And The Furniture, Existential Hero and Patrick Ripoll cover Elton John, Third Eye Blind, Destiny’s Child and The Fugees respectively plus more! It’s only thirteen bucks and it goes towards keeping the site running smoothly and effectively. There are only a hundred copies so order this collectible fast before it’s gone!

CLLCT forums
Collective Common, the CLLCT blog
Order The Roaring Nineties compilation!

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