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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Existential Hero's "New Zealand Trilogy" Is Available Now!

Spanning 7 months and three countries, the humorously dubbed "New Zealand Trilogy (The Storm Of The Century, The Great Sublime Melancholy! and Eating Grapes And Whale Bones)," is the newest, latest and greatest release from the human being known as Existential Hero. These albums have been carefully constructed to blow your mind.

Admittedly these albums are a bit self-indulgent, but it is fully appropriate.

I'm damn proud of these records and they run the gamut of styles, but contain only satires, flirtations with and deconstructions of the previous Existential Hero you thought knew. Don't worry, you won't remember the old records anymore after these three bad boys. For the first time instead of compromising between my actual abilities and my vision, these albums truly achieve the sounds I had in my head. If I had the budget these albums would come with footnotes and commentary.

The Storm Of The Century

Perhaps the least conceptual of the three, however it doesn't step down from the fight. It mostly focuses on frustration and all its manifestations: ranting, venting, worries, fears, gossip, primal scream, etc.

The artists that most directly influenced the album are Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Tom Waits, Neutral Milk Hotel and Patrick Ripoll.

The Storm Of The Century

The Great Sublime Melancholy!

This was the first album concept I had dreamed up and is the most atmospheric of the three. It is an environment to get subsumed in, emotions to contemplate and feelings to ponder. The past, the future and the present are open books and web pages.

The artists that most directly influenced the album are Bob Dylan's Oh Mercy album, Chris Zabriskie, The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Motifs.

The Great Sublime Melancholy!

Eating Grapes And Whale Bones

This one came out of nowhere and quickly dominated. Aggression and fierce motivation are represented here and the refusal to step down. Everyone has a chance to be great, this is that acceptance of that challenge.

The artists that most directly influenced the album are Lil Wayne, Tinyfolk, The Roots and Outkast.

Eating Grapes And Whale Bones

There are a slew of collaborators including:
Mandie Russell
The Top Grossing Films Of 1984
The Elated Sob Story
Linguistic Banter
Your Yellow Dress

I'm so excited for all of you to listen and comment and turn these songs into your own. I can't wait to play them live for you. Thank you everyone for listening and especially those who have so so supportive the last 6 months.

Some last bit of housekeeping, if you are interested in ordering fancy handmade copies of any of these albums I will be able to start mailing them out in a few weeks. I am also in the process of ordering buttons and t-shirts but they most likely won't be available until August.

thank you again everyone, these albums are yours now.

Some Notes:

The individual tracks will be uploaded later tonight, now you can d/l the three albums as a .ZIP file.

The "thank you" section is different for all three albums.

to anyone I've sent "in progress" mp3s, you can delete em, these are the mastered proper versions. You can keep em if you are into collecting =P

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