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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mexican Kids At Home: When We All Live In Igloos (2008)

This is my favorite Wee Pop! release of the year so far.

Mexican Kids At Home is unassuming band from the UK and on When We All Live In Igloos they sound like a chibi version of Led Zeppelin. That isn’t to say these guys and gal don’t rock the fucking house (they most certainly do).

“Start A One Man Band!” is more rock ‘n’ roll than anything I’ve heard this year. Racing piano/marimba, lovely interplay with boy/girl vocals, some nicely executed tempo shifts and plenty of soulful “oooos” to make even the most twee bands puke, this song seriously kicks ass.

Songs like “Down By The Fire” and “Illustrations (On A Page)” contain enough tribal/exotic/medieval influences to be interesting and novel without overbearing the wonderful melodies. The latter track is especially groovy with its noodly keyboard lines and repeated mantra, “Sail away, sail away/on the clouds in the sky.”

“A Tiny Bronco” starts off with a wonderfully silly hook, “When I’m sitting on the corner/and I’m sitting on the street/I find that everybody that/I ever seem to meet/will always take me by the hand/And then they’ll kiss me on the cheek/that’s why I fall in love with someone different/ every other week." Carried along by melodica and banjo When We All Live In Igloos ends quite sweetly with just enough epic flavor to leave you feeling energized and enthusiastic.

I hope to hear more from Mexican Kids At Home, When We All Live In Igloos is a great little EP that (of course) leaves you begging for more. When We All Live In Igloos II maybe?

Mexican Kids At Home-“Start A One Man Band!”

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