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Friday, June 27, 2008

Poll Results, New Poll, Updates From Japan

I meant to write this before I left, but I simply ran out of time. I didn’t hurt that I had to leave a day earlier than I had anticipated. Always check your plane tickets. But I digress.

Concerning the poll last month it seems as if most of you good kids are willing to pay for something if you like it. Smart move by Radiohead. A few of you are actually trying to create a revolution so I throw kudos your way. And those cheap kids, I’ve been there before too but I still have to say, “tsk tsk” anyway.

There is a new poll up so let me know what you think and after my two-week vacation in Japan I will be back in California catching up on all those awesome things I missed like surfing and umm surfing. Radical dude… No but seriously, I have a slew of Wee Pop release reviews coming so stay tuned for that.

My sister and I in Japan three years ago.

Hitomi Yaida-“My Sweet Darlin’”

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