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Friday, August 3, 2007

Cave Babies-Two songs

Although there are only two songs at the moment (On his Myspace) Josh “Hoshwa” Redman’s project Cave Babies has captivated me from the moment I received the friend request. I’m sure others could find some crazy obscure genre to fit this into, but that kind of thing is irrelevant to me. What does matter to me are the songs. First we have “Asparagus Green” a song that plays with the words “fire” and “pretty” to create a surrealist chord organ and trumpet dream that I wish would last forever. Then we have “Slime Green” which reminds me of some muggy Sunday afternoon where lying around just feels like the perfect thing to do, especially with someone you love or want to love.
Each song’s construction and honest delivery just speak of how much love goes into them. These two songs leave me really wanting more, but I wouldn’t want Josh to quickly patch together more songs. They are a labor of love and I wouldn’t have them any other way.


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