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Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Short Term Melody: Tomorrow Was Yesterday (2007)

I went home from school about a month back to visit my father. We ended seeing both Eagle Vs. Shark and Transformers, quite a double bill. He and I always share music and movies whenever we are together and when I was riding with him in the car he told me about a musician named Allen Morris performing under the moniker The Short Term Melody. We listened to his EP Tomorrow Was Yesterday. Sitting hear now listening to it again I am very impressed with it. Allen played all of the instruments (vocals, guitar and percussion) and recorded it at Long Beach City College himself. His guitar work on every song is fantastic, spanning genres of rock, folk and jazz among other things. My favorite song on the EP is “(My Friend Thinks You're A) Gypsy” which perfectly blends all those above genres in one delicious song that never gets old. The guitar solos will make you try and air guitar it. I know I do every time and I play guitar! Other highlights include “7 Trumpets” a lovely folk/country stomp featuring some amazing slide guitar work, and “Highway One” a mournful song with an interesting warble in his voice. It makes you long for anything you’ve ever longed for. I’m very happy I was able to find The Short Term Melody. He is another great example that someone can do anything and do it well if they really want to.

(My Friend Thinks You're A) Gypsy


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