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Saturday, May 17, 2008

4th Poll Closed, Vote In The New Poll, More Updates

So is it safe for me to presume you cats out there like music? It makes me happy to see that many people feel that music is everything. I certainly feel that way. If you couldn’t tell…

VOTE in the new poll and...

I would check below for two reviews of two solid and catchy albums (Marc With A C and Lauren Elle). Believe me their music will get stuck in your heads quite easily.

Also there is a large surge of mainstream and indie albums coming out soon that I am anticipating (Coldplay, Weezer, etc.). Even though there have been some great Lo-Fi records released so far this year (Patrick Ripoll and Chris Zabriskie), I think that the big guys have also been contributing something meaningful and great. Keep your ears open to everything.

Look forward to reviews of records by Tissø Lake, Alan Wilkis, Everyone Except Me and more!

I will also be conducting an interview with Russ Woods from Tinyfolk about his forthcoming album Siq Semper Equis and more.

Here is a video of a new song of mine (It can be taken seriously or not):

My Latest VLOGS from New Zealand

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