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Monday, May 5, 2008

Mp3 of the Week: “I Will Not Apologize (Feat. Porn and Dice Raw)” by The Roots

“I Will Not Apologize” is a primary example of the grimy, dirty, enthralling and engaging sound on The Roots new album Rising Down.

Featuring taught and stuttered drumming from ?uestlove, an ultra-addicting bassline, sputtering horns and analog synth lines that frighten and soar, MC Black Thought and guests P.O.R.N. and Dice Raw let loose and get fierce.

I’ll just copy my favorite verse here that focuses mostly on suburban peoples’ absurdly warped perceptions of African-Americans and how this view is perpetrated:

For the statements I’m about to make I will not apologize niggaz talk a lot of shit really need to stop the lies jewels rented cars rented homie that aint authentic
actin tough on TV but to me you seem a little timid
don’t blame the nigga blame America its all business
actin like a monkey is the only way to sell tickets shit I can dig it, niggas gossip silly digits
white kids buy it its a riot When we talking about pimpin
or sippin on old English brew or whatever they think we do Spraying double Uzis cause you know they think we live in zoos
the problem is with this everyone seems to be real confused the niggaz on the streets to the old people that watch the news
and watch BET and the crazy shit they see
they associate with you do the same shit to me
when you look at me you see just a nigga from the projects but cant understand this niggaz mind set still

The hook, "I will not apologize its is for all of my peoples who understand and truly recognize/Some wont get it for that I wont apologize," is simple and addictive, but it’s the intensity of the music and lyrical dexterity and focus of MCs Black Thought, P.O.R.N. and Dice Raw that makes “I Will Not Apologize” one of my favorite rap songs in a long time.

The Roots-“I Will Not Apologize (Feat. Porn and Dice Raw)”

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