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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Holy Crap Another New Nine Inch Nails Album? And It's Free?

The Slip

"Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one’s on me"

So says Trent Reznor on the Nine Inch Nails blog. With the recently released Ghosts I–IV and its unorthodox release strategy ala Radiohead's In Rainbows I guess Trent wanted something cool to say thanks with. Now I'm not much of a Nine Inch Nails fan (grew up with the singles on KROQ and remember his "appearance" on Celebrity Death Match quite well), but I still think this is pretty awesome of him, giving away a full album, called The Slip for FREE! That's right kids get yer FREE copy today in the links below in a variety of formats from standard Mp3 to FLAC!

Nine Inch Nails-"Echoplex"

Reznor's message
Download The Slip here!
Thanks to Pitchfork for breaking the story

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