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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jacob Borshard: "Cocktail" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2008)

One word to easily describe the newest release from Jacob Borshard, "Cocktail" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Based on that 80s Tom Cruise movie), is precious, but that would be undermining the irreverent humor underlining these two ukulele gems.

"The latest Wee Pop! Records release has only two songs!? What the fuck!?" Yes, Jacob Borshard’s EP only contains two songs, but included in the wee pop packet is a nifty fold out map of the island in Cocktail. So when you’re listening along you have something to look along with. Pretty cool right? I think it’s great when bands/artists use several mediums and Borshard’s art is just as compelling, cute and funny as his music.

So what about those songs. “Nine Cocktails (before we set sail)” is classic ukulele pop with a dash of light drumming and dangerously funny lines like, “A little bit crazy/ is all right.”

Borshard’s cover of “Kokomo” really does a great job at highlighting the ridiculousness, and yet, sweetness of this Beach Boys song. His voice is the real powerhouse in selling this cover (and all of his music). It can only be described as fragile with a tinge of irony that fuels melancholy, but speaks funny to your brain. Funny in the sense that you cannot help but feel the same. And it works perfectly.

Wee Pop! Records continues its reign of terror, but in the form of Jacob Borshard you’ll be sway and bounce, fall in love and laugh your way to a few cocktails; delightful.

Jacob Borshard-“Nine Cocktails (before we set sail)”

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