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Sunday, March 2, 2008

YouTube Video of the Week: Melbourne, Australia Commercial Featuring “Sprout And The Bean” by Joanna Newsom

So I first saw this commercial before seeing Sweeney Todd in Auckland, but I finally found it on You Tube. In September of 2006, Melbourne commissioned several commercials to be made to advertise the city. The campaign moved from advertising in Australia to New Zealand as well in 2007.

Now first of all I give kudos to Melbourne for using a Joanna Newsom song. I mean my obsession with her is just now starting, but she isn’t the most commercially viable artist. Yet, the song, “Sprout And The Bean,” fits the sentiment of the commercial nicely. It mainly involves a pretty girl rolling around a giant ball of string, but I think it’s a nice quiet commercial that would definitely get me thinking of going to Melbourne. I am on that side of the world, so maybe I will.

Joanna Newsom site
Visit Melbourne

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