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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mp3 of the Week-“Southern Comfort “ By Arrah and The Ferns

So I have to rant about this more. I day after I fall in love with Arrah and The Ferns they announce they’re breaking up. Totally tragic for me right? Well it’s more about how wonderfully talented this band is and that it’s sad to see them fall apart in their prime. Their record Evan Is A Vegan is simply stunning, filled with infectious harmonies, compelling instrumentation, and beautifully sweet sentiment.

I choose the song “Southern Comfort” because it’s melancholy, has a great sing-along ending and it’s one of their many songs to put the banjo upfront. Structurally it is reminiscent to the recently popular “Anyone Else But You,” by The Moldy Peaches, but its more emotionally satisfying and less silly.

The members of Arrah and The Ferns are all going on to make more music and I wish them the best of luck.

Arrah And The Ferns-"Southern Comfort"

Arrah and The Ferns on myspace

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I loved "Evan is Vegan". This one is definitely important news to me.